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12.06.2018 05:56
New technology making usable stuff obsolete. Zitat · antworten


I ride a bike with rim brakes and mechanical gearing. I love my bike and if I hadn't heard about disk brakes and electronic shifting I would be happy. But I feel that big bike manufacturers are trying to make me feel inadequate.I also appreciate nice hi-fi eqipment, some of my set up is 20 years old but I don't listen to more modern systems and think "That sound so much better". In fact I cringe at the tinny sound that is the accepted standard for folk that think that appreciating music is best done through a £500 phone.Firstly, disk brakes - my brakes work just like all the brakes on all the bikes I have ever owned. They don't respond great in the wet so I brake accordingly. Once the rims have had the water dispersed from them I can lock the wheels up no problem. So surely the limiting factor is the grip of the tyres. I can't even be bothered arguing about the benefits of shifting my gears fractions of a second faster, but not being able to service them using some basic mechanical knowledge. I reckon we're being herded towards solutions to problems that doesn't exist, and some people are lining their pockets by our urge for the latest gimmick.

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