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11.10.2019 10:30
put into the mouth, Zitat · Antworten

Since I tasted the well-known boiled fish fillets, the delicious taste has always been memorable. Today, in order to satisfy the "small locust in the stomach", my mother brought my sister and me to a Xiangchuan restaurant. Just after arriving at the door, a scent guides us to go in. Only the customers who have come to see the people, after the "hard work" to find the vacancy, I can't wait to find a place - boiled fish fillets. The old man seemed to have deliberately slowed down Parliament Cigarettes, and my stomach began to play the drums of protest, and it became the "original shape." I saw that there were two green peppers on the huge fish head, which were like two crystal clear emeralds, fat and delicious fish, red juice floating on the glittering juice, floating on the bean sprouts. The dish, a pepper flavor straight around the tip of the nose, makes people drool, has been tempting us, a touch of sorrow on the face. Hey! My sister��s eyes were still shining in the hands of the chopsticks. The mother gave a command, and the two little lynxes were also exposed. I must grab the most, and I shouted ��Wow! Eat!�� and then hold the chopsticks. With them "three hundred rounds of war, and my sister and mother also showed their "secret weapon" - a white spoon like a snow and a fork with "killing", I came to the spot with lightning speed. The huge white fish was quickly put into the mouth, for fear of encountering a half-way "robbery", and the sister also opened the "first to be strong" mode, while the mother looked at the empty bowl, some were not willing, "squatting" "Gao Ma Da" did not hesitate to take away more than a dozen pieces of fish, which can make me and my sister mad, I also stared at the fish quickly sandwiched. Spicy taste and taste, I can not burn, put The harvested "trophy" was devourly eaten. After a while, a large bowl of fish was washed away and we were empty Cigarettes Online. I looked at the belly like a "balloon" and sat in the nod. Flavor, the heart is full of blossoming happiness Spray Carton Of Cigarettes.
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