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Electrical safety, cherish life" "Everyone should learn. Because electricity is a benefit to human beings, it poses a wide and significant potential danger to people and things. Therefore, we should be "safe first, prevention first." It shows that people who die from electrical accidents every year in the world account for about 25% of all accidental deaths. Electrical fires exceed 20% of the total number of fires. This fearful data is really scary. The reason is because electricity is the national economy. The important energy is also indispensable in modern family life. But this is also the ultimate cause of death. Because you do not know the safe use of electricity, it is easy to cause accidents such as electric shock, electrical fire, electrical damage, etc., to the country, society, Both families and individuals have brought irreparable damage. I have learned from the newspaper two examples of deaths from electric shock: (1) Three students from Chunlai High School in Yucheng County, Henan Province went out on the night of May 31 ( When the school forbids students to go out Parliament Cigarettes, the two were unfortunately killed by high-voltage electric shock on the wall. (2) In the early morning of November 27 last year, Jiang Xian The son fell asleep while watching TV in the living room, and was awakened and found that the TV set smoked. Mr. Jiang let his son go out to the police and fired with his wife. When the firefighters arrived, Mr. Jiang had fallen to the door, and Jiang��s wife also Pour in the bathroom. Ginger wife died after being rescued and was identified as carbon monoxide poisoning Wholesale Cigarettes. After the fire department determined that the cause of the fire was the TV set on fire. It can be seen that "safe use of electricity, life is critical." The above example tells us that we should put safety In the first place, beware of electric shock and cherish your life. Because human life is only once, life is precious and fragile. We must cherish our own lives, we must learn how to prevent electric shock and avoid unnecessary sacrifice. However, our safety awareness of electricity is so thin, we should learn more safety knowledge. I learned from some books: First aid measures for electric shock accidents: 1. Immediately cut off the power supply. 2. After leaving the power supply If you are unconscious, even if you breathe or stop your heartbeat, you must immediately perform artificial respiration and contact the medical staff in time for rescue Police emergency measures: 1, first cut off the power, and timely warning .2 with sand or carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher, "electrical safety, cherish life," let us create a safe community.!
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